List of Books and its Author Related to Library Science

Book Name Author Name Year
A History of Library Association 1877-1977 W.A.Munford. ...
A Manual of Children's Libraries William Charles Berwick Sayers 1932
A Modern Outline of Library Classification J.Mills 1960
A Profession of Faith Lois Shores 1953
A Treatise on Differential Equations George Boole 1859
An index to periodical literature: An alphabetical index to subjects, treated in the reviews, and other periodicals, to which no indexes have been published/Poole's Index to Periodical Literature William Frederick Poole 1848
Basic Reference Sources Louis Shores ...
Basic Statistics for Librarians J.D. Brown ...
Book Selection Francis Keese Wynkoop Drury 1930
Books that changed the world Robert Bingham Downs 1956
brain of the Fiem (Athony) Stafford Beer 1972
Building Library Collections Arthur Curley and dorothy M. Broderick 1985
Cataloguing: Theory and Practice Caduveti Gurusubramanya Viswanathan 1959
Canons of Classification Applied to the Subject, the Expansive, the Decimal, and the Library of congress Classification: A Study in Bibliographical Classification Method William Charles Berwick Sayers 1915
Classified Catalogue Code: With Additional Rules for Dictionary Catalogue Code S. R. Ranganathan 1958
Classification: Theoretical and Practical E.C.Richardson 1901
Colon Classification Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan 1933
Communication J. Thompson ...
Computers and Common Sense: The Myth of Thinking Machines Mortimer Taube 1961
Corporate Strategy Hayes De Witt Metcalf 1965
Cuneiform to Computer: A History of Reference Sources William A. Katz, Bill Katz 1998
Decimal Classification and Colon Classification in Perspective R.S.Parkhi ...
Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymus English Literature Samual Halkett and John Laing 1926
Documentation Samuel Clement Bradford 1948
Documentation and Information Service Techniques and System Bimalendu Guha 1978
Documentation and its facts Ranganathan 1963
Documentation & Organization of Knowledge J.H. Shera ...
Elements of Library Classification Shiyali Ramamrita Ranagathan 1945
Encyclopedia of Library &Info Sc. Allen Kent ...
Essentials of Management Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich 1986
Five laws of Library Science S.R.Ranganathan 1957
Foundation of Education for Librarianship J.H. Shera 1957
Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management Peggy Johnson 2004
Grammar of Classification (4th ed.) W.C.Berwick Sayers 1955
Guide to the use of Books and libraries Jean Key Gates 1962
Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School Carol Collier Kuhlthau 2012
Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century Carol Collier Kuhlthau 2007
Human Behavior and the Principle of Least Effort George Kingsley Zipf 1949
If You Want to Evaluate Your Library Frederick Wilfrid (Wilf) Lancaster 1988
Indian Library Literature: An Annotated Bibliography Ram Gopal Prasher 1971
India’s National Library B.S. Keshwan 1961
Information Service in libraries Douglas John Foskett 1958
Information Science in Theory and Practice Brian C. Vickery 2004
Information Rettieval by Relational Indexing: a report on research being carried out at northampton college of advanced Technology Jason Farradance 1966
Information Storage and Retrieval: Theory, Systems, and Devies Mrtimer Taube and H. A. Wooster 1958
Introduction to Cataloguing and the Classification of Books Margaret Mann 1943
Introduction to Librarianship J. K. Gates ...
Inforduction to Reference Work: Reference Sevices William A. Katz 1969
Instructional Communication James J Thompson 1969
Library Administration S.R.Ranganathan 1935
Library Administration: Theory and Practice R. L. Mittal 194
Library Book Selection S.R.Ranganathan 1952
Library Surveys Maurice Beranard 1967
Librarians' Glossary & Reference books L.M. Harrod 1971
Line on Interlending Maurice Bearnard Line 1988
Lines of Thought:Selected Papers of Maurice B. Line Maurice Bearnard Line and L.J. Anthouy ...
Little Science Big Science Derek John de Solla Price 1963
Living with Books Alan Powers 2006
Living with Books:The Art of Book Selection Miss H.E.Haines 1935
Manual of Library Classification Ranganathan ...
Mathematical Theory of communication Claude Elwood Shannon and Watten Weaver 1948
Manual of Library Classification and Shelf Arrangement J.D.Brown 1898
Manual of Library Economy J.D.Brown 1961
Memoirs of Libraries, including a handbook of Library Economy Edward Edwards 1858
On Human Communication Colin Cherry 1957
On the Witness Stand Hugo Munsterberg 1908
Organisation of Knowledge in Libraries and Subject Approach to Books Henry Evelyn Bliss ...
Organisation of Knowledge in Libraries: An Introduction to Information Retrieval Christopher Donald Needham 1971
Our Singular Strengths: Meditations for librarians Michael Gorman 1997
Our Enduring Values Michael Gorman 2003
Philosophy of Library Classification Shyali Ramamrita Ranganathan 1951
Planning Academic and research Library Building Keyes DeWitt Metcalf 1965
Principles of Book Classification E.Wyndham Hulme ...
Principles of Management Cyril O'Donnell and Harold Koontz 1955
Prolegomena to Library Classification (3rd ed.) S.R.Ranganathan 1937
Prolegomena to Library Classification (3rd ed.) S.R.Ranganathan 1967
Punjab Library Primer Asa Don Dickinson ...
Putting Knowledge to work: An American view of Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science Paulin Atherton cochrane, S. R. Ranganathan 1973
Quality Control Handbook Joseph Moses Juran 1951
Ranganathan: A Pattern Maker: A syndetic study of his contributions A.P.Srivastava 1977
Ramanujan: The Man and the Mathematician S. R. Ranaganathan 1967
Reference Service S. R. Ranganathan 1961
Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue(RDC) C.A.Cutter 1876
Sayer’s Manual of Classification for Librarians (9 5th ed.) Arthur Malthy 1975
Scientists' Approaches to Information Melvin J Voigt 1961
Seeking Meaning: A Process approach to Library and Information Services Carol Collier Kuhlthau 2004
Selecting Materials for Libraries Robert N. Broadus 1981
Simple Library Cataloguing Susan G.Akers ...
Sources of Information on Specific Subjects Samuel clement Bradford 1934
Statistical Bibliography in Relation to the Growth of Modern Civilization E. Wyndham Hulme 1922
Statistical Bbliography: An Interim Bibliography Alan Pritchard 1969
Studies in Co-ordinate Indexing Mortimer Taube 1953
Subject catalogues: Headings and Structure E. J. Coates 1989
Subject Approach to Information A. C. Foskett 1996
Syntagmatic Origanization of Language (SYNTOL) Jean Claude Gardin 1963
The Advancement of Learning Francis Bacon 1605
The Art of Making Catalogues of Libraries Andrea Crestadoro 1856
The Children's Library: A Practical Manual for Public, School, and Home Libraries William Charles Berwick Sayers 1911
The Enduring Library Michael Gorman 2003
The foundations of Education for Librarianship Jesse H. Shera 1972
The futurists Alvin Toffler 1972
The Global Information Society William J. Martin 1996
The History of Comparative Anatomy: A Statistical Analysis of the Literature F. J. Cole and Nellie B. Eales 1917
The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization (The Making of Sociology) Elton Mayo 1946
The Human Side of Enterprise Douglas Murray McGregor 1960
The Infoemation Service Environment: Relationships and Priorities Paul G. Zurkowski 1974
The Laws of Thought George Boole 1854
The New Librarianship: A Challenge for Change Paul Wasserman 1972
The Theory of Book Selection for Public Libraries L.R.McColvin 1925
Theory of Library Catalogue Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan 1938
Theory Z: How American Management Can Meet the Japanese Challenge William G."Bill" Ouchi 1981
The Practice of Management Pater Ferdinand Drucker 1954
The Principles of Librarianship D. J. Urquhart 1981
The Production and Distribution of Knowledge in the United States Fritz Machlup 1962
The Third Wave Alvin Toffler 1980
Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases/ Toget's Thesaurus Peter Mark Poger 1852
The Psycho-Biology of Language: An Introduction to Dynamic Philosophy George Kingsley Zipf 1935
The University Library: The Organisation, Administration, and Functions of Academic Libraries Louis Round Wilson and Maurice F. Tauber ...
Toward Paperless Information Systems Frederick wilfrid (Wilf) Lancaster 1978
Universal Availability of Publications Mautice Bearnard Line 1983
What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way Kaoru Ishikawa 1988
Work and Motivation Victor Harold Vroom 1964