AAC : Advanced Audio Coding
AACOBS : Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services
AACR : Anglo American Cataloguing Rule
AAL : Association of Assistant Librarian
AALL : The American Association of Law Libraries
AALS : The Association of American Library School
AAMBP : Association of American Medical Book Publishers
AAMC : Association of American Medical Colleges
AATA : Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
AAUP : Association of American University Press
ABC : Abridged Bibliographic Classification
ABI : Application Binary Interface
ABLISS : Association of British Library and Information science schools
ABN : Australian Bibliographic Network
ACCOPI : Access Control and Copyright Protection for Images
ACE : Automatic Computing Engine
ACM : Association for Computing Machinery
ACPM : Australian Common Practice Manual
ACQNET : Acquisitions Librarians Electronic Network
ACRL : Association of College and Research Libraries
ACURIL : Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
ADI : American Documentation Institute
ADP : Automated Data Processing
AFAS : French Association for Sound Archives
AFLI : Arab Federation for Libraries and Information
AFSARI : Automation for Storage and Retrieval of Information
AGM : Annual General Meeting
AGRIS : Agricultural Information System of International Information System for the Agricultural science & Technology
AHA : Accelerated Hub Architecture
AI : Artificial Intelligence
AIBA : Agricultural Information Bank of Asia
AICCM : Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials
AID : Associative Interactive Dictionary
AIIP : Association of Independent Information Professionals
AIRS : Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
AJAX : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
ALA : American Library Association
ALCTS : The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
ALGOL : Algorithmic Language
ALIA : Australian Library and Information Association
ALISE : Association for Library and Information Science Education
ALP : Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World Programme (IFLA)
ALPAC : Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
ALPSP : Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
ALS : Automated Library System
ALSD : Academy of Library science and Documentation
ALTA : American Library Trustees Association
ALU : Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMI : Association of Medical Illustrators
AMIC : Asian Mass communication and Research center
AMULA : Aligarh Muslim University Libraries Association
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
AOC : Army Ordnance Corps
APALA : Asian Pacific American Librarians association
APCTT : Asian Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology
API : Application Programming Interface.
APINESS : Asia-Pacific Information Network in Social Sciences
APINMAP : Asian and Pacific information Network on Medicine and Aromatic Plants
APPLE : Ariane Passenger Pay Load Experiment
APPM : Archives, Private Papers and Manuscripts (USA)
APSDEP : Asian and Pacific Skill Development
ARIC : Agricultural Research Information Center
ARIST : Art Libraries Society
ARL : Association of Research Libraries.
ARLIS : Annual Review of Information Science and Technology
ARMA : Association of Records Managers and Administrators; American Records Management Association
ARPANET : Advanced Research Project Network
ARSC : Association for Recorded Sound Collections
ASA : Americans Standard Association
ASCII : Americans Standard code for Information Interchange
ASIS : American Society for Information Science.
ASLIB : Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux
ASTINFO : Regional Network for the exchange of information and experience in science and technology in Asia and the Pacific
ASM : American Society for Metals
ATIS : Appropriate Technology Information Service
AUBC : All Union Book chamber
AUDACIOUS : Automatic Direct Access to Information with an On-Line UDC System


BA : Biological Abstracts
BAILER : British Association for Information and Library Education and Research
BANKNET : Computer Network of Bank
BANSDOC : Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center
BARC : Bhabha Atomic Research Center
BASIC : Beginners all Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBC : British Broadcasting Corporation
BBIP : British Book in Print
BBS : Bulletin Board System
BC : Bibliographic Classification
BCA : Bliss classification Association
BRC : Bibliography of Current Reports
BHI : British Humanities Index
BHULSA : Banaras Hindu University Library Science Students Association
BIDS : Bath Information and Data Services
BIOSIS : bioscience Information Service
BIRS : British Institute of Recorded Sound
BIS : The Bureau of Indian Standard
BISA : Bibliographic Information on South-East Asia
BITNET : Because It is Time Network
BL : British Library
BLACMP : Birmingham Library Co-operative Mechanisation Project
BLAISE : British Library Automated Information Service
BLDSC : British Library Document Supply Centre
BLISS : British Library Information Science Service
BLLD : British Library Lending Division
BLRD : British Library Research and Development
BM : British Museum
BNB : British National Bibliography
BPP : Books Presentation Programme
BPS : Bits Per Second
BS : British standard
BSA : Bibliographic Society American
BSI : British Standard Institute
BSO : Broad System of Ordering
BT : British Telecommunications plc
BTEC : Business and Technician Education Council
BTI : British Technology Index
BUBL : Bulletin Board for Libraries


CA : Chemical Abstracts
CAB : Citizens’ Advice Bureaux
CAD : Commission on Archival Development; Computer-Aided Design
CADIST : Centres d’Acquisitions et de Diffusion de l’Information Scientifique et Technique
CAIN : Cataloguing and Indexing
CAL : Computer-Assisted Learning
CALIBER : Convention on Automation of LIBraries in Education and Research Institutions.
CALIBNET : Calcutta Library Network
CAP : Centralised Acquisition of Periodicals
CAPL : Canadian Association of Public Libraries
CAR : Computer Assisted Retrieval
CARDS : Card Automated Reproduction Demand System
CARIS : Current Agricultural Research Information System
CARISPLAN : Caribbean Information System for Economic and Social Planning
CAS : Current Awareness Service
CASSI : Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index
CAT : Computer-Assisted Translation
CB : Citizens’ Band
CBI : Cumulative Book Index
CBS : Columbia Broadcasting System
CC : Colon Classification
CCC : Classified Catalogue Code
CCF : Common Communication Format
CCL : Common Commanded Language
CCT : Compulsory Competitive Tendering
CCTA : Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTV : Closed-Circuit Television
CD : Compact Disc
CDCR : Center for Documentation and Communication Research
CD-I : Compact Disc – Interactive
CDP : Custom Developed Programme
CD-R : Compact Disc – Recordable
CD- ROM : Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CDS/ISIS : Computerised Documentation System/ integrated Sets of Information System
CEAN : Central Electricity Authority Network
CEC : Commission of the European Communities
CEIS : Caribbean Energy Information System
CENID : National Centre for Information and Documentation (Chile)
CERN : European Centre for Nuclear Research
CESSDA : Committee of European Social Science Data Archives
CFTRI : Central Food Technological Research Institute
CHI : Computer–Human Interaction
CI : Citation Index
CIA : Central Intelligence Agency
CIC : Coconut Information Center
CICI : Confederation of Information Communication Industries
CIL : Central Institute of Indian Language
CILIP : Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
CIP : Cataloguing in Publication
CIRDAP : Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
CISTI : Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CITED : Copyright in Transferred Electronic Data
CITRA : Confe´rence Internationale de Table Ronde des Archives [International Conference of the Round Table on Archives]
CIX : Commercial Internet Exchange
CLA : Canada Library Association
CLENE : Continuing Library Education Network and Exchanged
CLR : Council on Library Resources
CLRI : Central Leather Institute
CLSCP : Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloguing Programme
CMS : Content Management System.
CMTI : Central Machine Tool Institute
COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language
CODATA : Committee on data for science and Technology
COM : Computer Output Microfilm
COMLA : Commonwealth Library Association
COMPENDEX : Computerised Engineering Index
COPICAT : Copyright Ownership Protection in Computer-Assisted Twinning
CORMOSEA : Committee on Deposit Material on Southeast Asia
CONSAL : Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians
COPSAT : Current Online Patent in Science and Technology
COUNTER : Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources
CPD : Continuing Professional Development
CPI : Canadian Periodical Index
CPM : Critical Path Method
CPU : Central Processing Unit
CRG : Classification Research Group
CRLIS : Current Research in Library and Information Science
CRS : Computerized Reservation Systems
CSCW : Computer-Supported Co-operative Work
CSIR : Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
CSMA : Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD : Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNET : Computer Science Network
CSIRO : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CTI : Current Technology Index
CU : Control Unit
CURL : Consortium of University Research Libraries


DAE : Department of Atomic Energy
DARE : Department of Agricultural Research and Education
DARPNET : Defence Advanced Research Project Network
DAT : Digital Audio Tape
DBA : Documentation, Library and Archives Department of UNESCO
DBMS : Database Management System
DBS : Direct Broadcasting by Satellite
DBT : Department of Biotechnology
DC : Dictionary Catalogue
DCC : Digital Compact Cassette
DCE : Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCMI : Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
DDC : Dewey Decimal Classification
DDS : Document Delivery Service
DELNET : Delhi Library Network
DES : Data Encryption Standard
DESIDOC : Defence Scientific Information and Documentation center
DEVINSA : Development Information Network on South Asia
DEVSIS : Development Science Information System
DIN : Document Identification Number
DIN : Document Identification Number
DIP : Document Image Processing
DIS : Development Information System
DLA : Delhi Library Association
DLF : Digital Library Federation.
DMAIC : Define, Measure, Access, Improve and Control.
DMP : Dot Matrix Printer
DNB : Dictionary of National Biography
DNES : Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
DNS : Domain Naming System.
DOD : Department of Ocean Development
DOS : Disc Operating System
DRDO : Defence Research and Development Organisation
DRTC : Documentation Research and Training Center
DSIR : Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
DSP : Digital Signal Processor
DSS : Decision Support Systems
DST : Department of Science and Technology
DTE : Data Terminal Equipment
DTI : Department of Trade and Industry
DTP : Desk Top Publishing


EAGLE : European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation
EBLIDA : European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
EC : Expansive Classification
ECHO : European Commission Host Organization
EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
EDSAC : Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
EGA : Extended Graphic Adopter
EIIA : European Information Industry Association
EIRENE : European Information Researchers Network
ELBS : Educational Low-priced Books Scheme
ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integration and Calculator
ENVIS : Environment Information System
EPIDOS : European Patent Information and Documentation Systems
EPLA : East Pakistan Library Association
EPO : European Patent Office
EPROM : Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ERIC : Educational Resource Information Center
ERNET : Education and Research Network
EROMM : European Register of Microform Masters
ES : Expert Systems
ESAIRS : European Space Agency Information Retrieval Service
ESPRIT : European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technologies
ESRC : Economic and Social Research Council
ESTC : Eighteenth-century Short-Title Catalogue
ESTC-NA : Eighteenth-century Short-Title Catalogue North America
ETC : European Translation Center
ETS : European Telecommunications Standards
EU : European Union
EUCLID : European Conference of Library and Information Departments
EUNET : European Network
EUSIDIC : European Association of Information Services


FAIS : Foreign Affairs Information System
FBI : Federal Bureau of Investigation
FDDI : Fibre Distributed Data Interface
FIAC : Federation of Independent Advice Centres
FID : International Federation for Information and Documentation
FIDA : International Archival Development Fund
FILA : Federation of Indian Library Association
FLA : Fellow of the Library Association
FOI : Freedom of Information
FOIA : Freedom of Information Act
FORTRAN : Formula Translator
FSU : Former Soviet Union
FT : Formula Translator
FTE : Full-Time Equivalent
FTP : File Transfer Protocol


GATT : General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Gb : Gigabyte
GCI : Getty Conservation Institute
GCS : Global Cataloguing Service
GD : Geographical Device
GDP : Gross Domestic Product
GDSS : Group Decision Support Systems
GILS : Government Information Locator Service
GIS : Geographic Information System
GOC : Good Office Committee
GUI : Graphical User Interface
GUIDE : Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation


HCI : Human–Computer Interaction
HDTV : High Definition Television
HEA : Higher Education Act
HELLIS : Health Literature Library and Information Service
HF : Human Factors
HMSO : Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
HRD : Human Resource Development
HRM : Human Resource Management
HRP : Human Resource Planning
HSE : Human Resource Planning
HTML : HyperText Mark-up Language


IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency
IALL : International Association of Low Libraries
IAMIC : International Association of Music Information Centres
IAML : International Association of Music Libraries
IARIL : International Association of Rural and Isolated Libraries
IAS : Individual Article Supply
IASA : International Association of Sound Archives
IASLIC : Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Center
IASSIST : International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology
IATUL : IInternational Association of Technological University Libraries
IBB : International Business Machine
IBBY : International Board on Books for Young People
IBI : Intergovernmental Bureau of Information
IBICT : Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology
IBM : International Business Machine
ICA : Information Center for Aeronautics
ICAR : Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICCR : Indian Council of Cultural Relation
ICDM : Information Center for Development Policy Modeling
ICDR : International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research
ICHR : Indian Council of Historical Research
ICMR : Indian Council of Medical Research (New Delhi)
ICPR : Indian Council of Philosophical Research
ICs : Integrated Circuits
ICSSR : Indian Council for Social Science Research
ICSU : International Council of Scientific Unions
ID : Identification
IDA : Integrated Digital Access
IDC : International Documentation Centre
IDRC : International Development Research Centre
IDSA : Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis
IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IFD : International Federation for Documentation
IFDO : International Federation of Data Organizations
IFIS : International Food Information Service
IFLA : International Federation of Library association and Institution
IHAC : Information Highway Advisory Council
IIB : International Institute of Bibliography; Institut International de Bibliographie (Now FID)
IIC : International Institute for the Conservation of Art and Historic Artefacts
IIC-GC : International Institute for Conservation – Canadian Group
IIR : Intelligent Information Retrieval
IIS : Institute of Information Scientists
IK : Indigenous Knowledge
ILA : Indian Library Association
ILL : Inter Library Loan
ILSA : Indian Library Science Abstract
IM : Information Management
INB : Indian National Bibliography
INFLIBNET : Information & Library Network
INFOTERRA : International Referral System for environmental Information
INIS : International Nuclear Information System
INIST : Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique
INPADOC : International Patent Documentation Service
INSAT : Indian National Satellite
INSDOC : Indian National Scientific Documentation Center
IPA : International Publishers Association
IPC : Institute for Paper Conservation
IR : Information Retrieval
IRC : Internet Relay Chat
IRM : Information Resource(s) Management
IRPTC : International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals
IRS : Information Retrieval System
IRTC : Industrial Toxicology Research Center
IS : Information Superhighway
ISA : Indian Standardization Association
ISBD : International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISBN : International Standard Book Number
ISDN : Integrated Service Digital Network
ISDS : International Serials Data System
ISA : Indian Standard Institution
ISI : Institute for Scientific Information
ISMN : International Standard Music Number
ISO : International Standard Organization
ISONET : International Organization for Standardization Network
ISRN : International Standard Recording Number
ISRO : Indian Space Research Organization
ISSN : International Standard Serial Number
IT : Information Technology
ITC : International Translations Centre
ITIB : Industrial and Technological Information Bank
ITU : International Telecommunications Union


JANET : Joint Academy Network
JASIST : Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
JELIS : Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
JLA : Japan Library Association
JPRS : Joint Publications Research Service
JSC : Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR


Kb : Kilobyte
KBMT : Knowledge-Based Machine Translation
KGB : Knowledge Generation exchange and Utilization
KGEU : Knowledge Generation exchange and Utilization
KIPS : Knowledge Information Processing System
KLA : Korean Library Association
KWAC : KeyWord and Contex
KWIC : Key Word in Context
KWIC : Key Word in Context
KWOC : Key Word in Context


LA : Library Association
LA (UK) : The Library Association of the United Kingdom
LAA : Library Association of Australia
LAB : Library Association of Bangladesh
LAC : Library Association of China
LAN : Local Area Network
LAP-B : Link Access Procedure – Balanced Protocol
LAPL : Library Association Publishing Limited
LASER : London and Southeast Regional Library Bureau
LAUK : Library Association of the United Kingdom; now the Library Association
LC : Library of Congress
LCC : Library of Congress Classification
LCCDG : Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
LCMARC : Library of Congress Machine-Readable Cataloging
LCSH : Library of Congress Subject Headings
LED : Light-Emitting Diode
LIBRIS : Library and Information System
LINC : Library and Information Co-operation Council
LIP : Library and Information Plan
LIS : Library and Information Science
LISA : Library and Information Science Abstract
LISC : Library and Information Science
LIST : Library and Information Science Today
LITA : Library and Information technology Association
LIU : Local Information Unit
LLA : Local Information Unit
LLC : Logical Link Control
LML : Logical Link Control
LOCAS : Local catalogue Service
LOCIS : Library of Congress Information System
LOEX : Library Orientation Instruction Exchange
LP : Long-Playing Record
LSA : Library science Abstract
LSI : Large Scale Integration
LUCI : Logical Unit based Cyclic Index


MA : Master of Arts
MA : Museums Association
MAD2 : Manual of Archival Description, 2nd edn (UK)
MADAM : Manchester Automatic Digital Machine
MALA : Madras Library Association
MALMARC : Malaysian MARC
MAMLIBNET : Madras Library Network
MAN : Metropolitan Area Network
MAP : Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MARBI : Machine Readable form of Bibliographic Information
MARC : Machine Readable catalogue
MAT : Machine-Aided Translation
Mb : Megabyte
MBO : Management by Objective
MDA : Museums Documentation Association
MEDLARS : Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
MERLIN : Machine Readable Library information (UK)
MeSH : Medical Subject Headings
MHz : Megahertz
MI : InfSci Member, Institute of Information Scienists
MICR : Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
MIDI : Musical Instrument Device Interface
MIDLINET : Midwest Region Library Network
MILNET : Military Network
MIMOS : Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems
MIP : Modern Information Professional
MIS : Management Information System
MISS : Medical Information Science Section (USA)
MIT : Management Information System
MLA : Medical Library Association (USA)
MLS : Master of Library Science/Studies
MOL : Mail Order Library
MMI : Man–Machine Interaction
MMS : Man–Machine Systems
MOS : Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MPC : Multimedia Personal Computers
MPhil : Master of Philosophy
MPM : Multimedia Presentation Manager
MS : Manuscript
MS-DOS : Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSI : Medium Scale Integration
MSS : Management Support System
MT : Machine Translation
MUSE : Music Search
MWSS : Microsoft Windows Sound System


NACAB : National Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaux
NACILA : National Council of Indian Library Association
NACL : National Advisory Commission on Libraries (USA)
NACO : National Coordinated Cataloguing Operations
NACSIS : National Centre for Scientific Information Systems
NAG : National Acquisitions Group
NAI : National Archives of India
NAL : National Aeronautical Laboratory
NAL : National Agricultural Library (USA)
NAPC : National Programme for Acquisition and Cataloguing
NARA : National Archives and Records Administration
NASA : National Aeronautical and Space Administration
NASSDOC : National Social Science Documentation Center
NATIS : National Information System
NBC : National Broadcasting Corporation
NBLC : Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lektuur Centrum [Dutch Centre for Public Library Literature]
NBS : National Bibliographic Service
NBT : National Book Trust
NCCP : National Coordinated Cataloguing Programme
NCIP : North American Collection Inventory Project
NCL : National Central Library
NCL : National Chemical Laboratory
NCSI : National Centre for Science Information
NDLP : Netherlands Library Development Project
NEPHIS : Nested Phrase Indexing System
NGO : Non-Governmental Organization
NHS : National Health Service
NIC : National Informatics Center
NICDAP : National Information Centre for Drug and Pharmaceuticals
NICFOS : National Information Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Technology
NICLAI : National Information Centre for Leather and Allied Industry
NICMAP : National Information Centre for Machine Tools and Allied Products
NICNET : National Informatic Centre Network
NIDOC : National Information and Documentation Centre
NIFOR : National Information Service
NII : National Institute of Immunology
NILA : North India Library Association
NIP : National Information Policy
NISIET : National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training
NISO : National Information Standards Organization
NISS : National Social Science Information System
NISSAT : National Information System for Science and Technology
NLB : National Library for the Blind
NLB : National Library of Bangladesh
NLG : National Libraries Group
NLLST : National Lending Library for Science and Technology
NLM : National Library of Medicine
NLSFBPH : National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NML : National Medical Library
NNLM : National Network for Libraries in Medicine
NORDBOK : Nordic Literature and Library Committee
NORDINFO : Nordic Committee on Scientific Information and Documentation
NOSP : Nordic Union Catalogue of Scientific Periodicals
NREN : National Research and Education Network
NSA : National Sound Archive
NSDD : National Security Decision Directive
NSF : National Science Foundation
NSTP : New Straits Times Publications
NTA : National Telecommunications Agency
NTC : National Translation Centre
NTE : Network Terminating Equipment
NTIA : National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTIS : National Technical Information Service
NUC : National Union Catalog
NUCMC : National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
NUCSSI : National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India
NVQ : National Vocational Qualification
NWICO : New World Information and Communication Order
NYSILL : New York State Inter Library Loan Network
NYT : New York Times


OCLC : The On-lien Computer Library Centre
OCLC : Ohio College Library Centre
OCR : Optical Character Recognition
ODA : Open Document Architecture
OECD : Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OED : Oxford English Dictionary
OLAS : On-line Acquisition System
OLE : Object Linking and Embedding
OMB : One-Man Band
OMG : Object Management Group
OOS : Occupational Overuse Syndrome
OPAC : On-line Public access Catalogue
OPACS : Online Public-Access Catalogues
OPL : One-Person Libraries
OR : Operation Research
OSB : Order of St Benedict
OSI : Open System Interconnection
OSS : Office of Strategic Studies


PAC : Preservation and Conservation Core Programme (IFLA)
PAD : Packet Assembly/Disassembly Device
PANSDOC : Pakistan National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre
PARC : Palo Alto Research Center
PASTIC : Pakistan Scientific and Technical Information Centre
PBWG : Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group
PC : Personal Computer
PDNs : Public Data Networks
PERT : Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
PGP : Pretty Good Privacy
PhD : Doctor of Philosophy
PIIC : Public Interest Immunity Certificate
PIN : Personal Identification Number
PINFET : PIN Field Effect Transistors
PIS : Patents Information System
PLA : Pakistan Library Association
PLR : Public Lending Right
PNB : Pakistan National Bibliography
POPIN : Population Information Network
POPSI : Postulate Based Permutated subject Indexing
POSDCORB : Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Co- ordinating Reporting and Budgeting
POTS : Plain Old Telephone System
PPBS : Planning Programming Budgeting System
PPP : Point to Point Protocol
PPRG : Publicity and Public Relations Group
PRECIS : Preserved context Indexing System
PRO : Public Records Office
PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory
PSS : Packet Switching System
PST : Permutes Subject Index
PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network
PTLA : Publishers Trade List Annual
PTT : Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones
PULINET : Provincial University Library Network


QA : Quality Assurance


R&D : Research and Development
RAD : Rules for Archival Description (Canada)
RAILNET : Computer Network for Railways
RAM : Random access Memory
RAMP : Records and Archives Management Programme
RATER : Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness
RBU : Re´pertoire Bibliographique Universel
RCRC : Rural Community Resource Centre
RDC : Rules for Dictionary Catalogue
RENBU : National Network of University Libraries (Argentina)
RGA : Readers’ Guide Abstracts
RIC : Regional Information Centre
RIPM : Re´pertoire Internationale de la Presse Musicale
RISM : Re´pertoire Internationale des Sources Musicales
RLG : Research Libraries Group
RLIN : Research Library Information Network
RLS : Regional Library System
RMDC : Regional Mineral Resource Development Centre
RMS : Records Management Society
RNIB : Royal National Institute for the Blind
ROM : Read Only Memory
RRRLF : Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation
RSI : Repetitive Strain Injury
RT : Related Terms


SAA : Systems Applications Architecture
SAM : Serial Access Memory
SAMARC : South African Machine Readable Cataloguing
SARBICA : Southeast Asian Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives
SBDN : Satellite Based Data Network
SC : Subject Classification
SCECSAL : Standing Conference of East, Central and Southern African Librarians
SCI : Science Citation Index
SCONUL : Standing Conference of National and University Libraries
SDC : System Development Corporation
SDI : Selective Dissemination of Information
SEAMIC : South – East Asian Medical Information Centre
SENDOC : Small Enterprise National documentation Centre
SGML : Standard Generalized Mark-up Language
SHE : Subject Heading for Engineering
SIG : Special Interest Group
SIG : Special Interest Group
SIGLE : System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe
SILAS : Singapore Library Automation System SINASBI National System of Library Information
SISA : School of Information Studies for Africa
SIRNET : Scientific and Industrial Research Network
SL : Source Language
SLA : Special Libraries Association
SLB : Section of Libraries for the Blind
SLIP : Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMEs : Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
SNA : System Network Architecture
SNB : Singapore National Bibliography
SONET : Synchronous Optical Network
SPC : Stored Programme Control
SPIN : Special Interest Network
SPSS : Statistical Package for Social Science
SQL : Structured Query Language
SSDC : Social Science Documentation Centre
STC : Short Title Catalogue
STM : Scientific, Technical and Medical (book publishing)
STS : Science, Technology and Society
STSI : Science Technology and Social Information
STUDIO : Structured User Interface Design for Interaction Optimization
STV : Share the Vision
SWALCAP : South – West Academic Libraries Co-operative Automation Project
SWIFT : Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications


TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDF : Transborder Data Flow
TDNs : Terrestrial Data Networks
TELEX : Tele-printer Exchange
TFPL : Task Force Pro Libra
TIB : Technology Information Bank
TIFR : Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
TIPS : Technology Information Pilot System
TIS : Trade Information Service
LA : Target Language
TLA : Tripura Library Association
TLTP : Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
TNAUK : Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom
TOP : Technical and Office Centre
TQM : Total Quality Management
TRC : Technology Research Center
TREC : Text Retrieval Evaluation Conference
TRIPS : Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TTL : Transistor – Transistor Logic
TV : Television


UAI : Universal Availability of Information
UAP : Universal Availability of Publications Programme (IFLA)
UBC : Universal Bibliographic Control
UBCIM : Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC
UCL : University College London
UDC : Universal Decimal classification
UE : User Education
UGC : University Grant Commission
UIA : Union of International Associations
UIMS : User Interface Management System
UIN : User Identification Number
UKMARC : United Kingdom Machine-Readable Cataloguing
UMIST : University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
UNESCO : United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNIMARC : Universal Machine-Readable Cataloguing
UNISIST : United Nations Information System in Science and Technology
UNIVAC : Universal Automatic Computer
URL : Uniform Resource Locator
USSR : Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UTLAS : University of Toronto Library Automation System
UWI : University of the West Indies


VAN : Value-Added Network
VAT : Value-Added Tax (EU countries)
VDT : Visual Display Terminal
VDU : Visual Display Unit
VGA : Video Graphic Adopter
VLSI : Very Large Scale Integration
VMS : Voice Mail Systems
VOD : Video On Demand
VR : Virtual Reality
VRAM : Video Random Access Memory


WADEX : Word and Author Index
WAIS : Wide-Area Information Server
WAN : Wide Area Network
WAPIS : Water and Power Information System
WARC : World Administrative Radio Conference
WHO : World Health Organization
WIMPS : Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pull-down menus
WIPO : World Intellectual Property Organization
WLN : Western Library Network
WLSP : World List of Scientific Periodicals
WORM : Write Once Read and many
WP : Word Processing
WPI : World Talents Index
WTI : World Translation Index
WWW : World Wide Web
WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get


... : ....


YAS : Young Adult Service


ZBB : Zero Base Budgeting