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Abbreviations start with A

Abbreviation : Full Form
AAC : Advanced Audio Coding
AACOBS : Australian Advisory Council on Bibliographical Services
AACR : Anglo American Cataloguing Rule
AAL : Association of Assistant Librarian
AALL : The American Association of Law Libraries
AALS : The Association of American Library School
AAMBP : Association of American Medical Book Publishers
AAMC : Association of American Medical Colleges
AATA : Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
AAUP : Association of American University Press
ABC : Abridged Bibliographic Classification
ABI : Application Binary Interface
ABLISS : Association of British Library and Information science schools
ABN : Australian Bibliographic Network
ACCOPI : Access Control and Copyright Protection for Images
ACE : Automatic Computing Engine
ACM : Association for Computing Machinery
ACPM : Australian Common Practice Manual
ACQNET : Acquisitions Librarians Electronic Network
ACRL : Association of College and Research Libraries
ACURIL : Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
ADI : American Documentation Institute
ADP : Automated Data Processing
AFAS : French Association for Sound Archives
AFLI : Arab Federation for Libraries and Information
AFSARI : Automation for Storage and Retrieval of Information
AGM : Annual General Meeting
AGRIS : Agricultural Information System of International Information System for the Agricultural science & Technology
AHA : Accelerated Hub Architecture
AI : Artificial Intelligence
AIBA : Agricultural Information Bank of Asia
AICCM : Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials
AID : Associative Interactive Dictionary
AIIP : Association of Independent Information Professionals
AIRS : Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
AJAX : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
ALA : American Library Association
ALCTS : The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
ALGOL : Algorithmic Language
ALIA : Australian Library and Information Association
ALISE : Association for Library and Information Science Education
ALP : Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World Programme (IFLA)
ALPAC : Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
ALPSP : Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
ALS : Automated Library System
ALSD : Academy of Library science and Documentation
ALTA : American Library Trustees Association
ALU : Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMI : Association of Medical Illustrators
AMIC : Asian Mass communication and Research center
AMULA : Aligarh Muslim University Libraries Association
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
AOC : Army Ordnance Corps
APALA : Asian Pacific American Librarians association
APCTT : Asian Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology
API : Application Programming Interface.
APINESS : Asia-Pacific Information Network in Social Sciences
APINMAP : Asian and Pacific information Network on Medicine and Aromatic Plants
APPLE : Ariane Passenger Pay Load Experiment
APPM : Archives, Private Papers and Manuscripts (USA)
APSDEP : Asian and Pacific Skill Development
ARIC : Agricultural Research Information Center
ARIST : Art Libraries Society
ARL : Association of Research Libraries.
ARLIS : Annual Review of Information Science and Technology
ARMA : Association of Records Managers and Administrators; American Records Management Association
ARPANET : Advanced Research Project Network
ARSC : Association for Recorded Sound Collections
ASA : Americans Standard Association
ASCII : Americans Standard code for Information Interchange
ASIS : American Society for Information Science.
ASLIB : Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux
ASTINFO : Regional Network for the exchange of information and experience in science and technology in Asia and the Pacific
ASM : American Society for Metals
ATIS : Appropriate Technology Information Service
AUBC : All Union Book chamber
AUDACIOUS : Automatic Direct Access to Information with an On-Line UDC System

Frequently Asked Questions

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Qus.What is the Full Form of ASMR ?

Ans.The full form of ASMR is the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Qus.What is the Full Form of ATS?

Ans.The full form of ATS is the Anti-Terrorism Squad

Abbreviations start with B

Abbreviation : Full Form
BA : Biological Abstracts
BAILER : British Association for Information and Library Education and Research
BANKNET : Computer Network of Bank
BANSDOC : Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center
BARC : Bhabha Atomic Research Center
BASIC : Beginners all Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBC : British Broadcasting Corporation
BBIP : British Book in Print
BBS : Bulletin Board System
BC : Bibliographic Classification
BCA : Bliss classification Association
BRC : Bibliography of Current Reports
BHI : British Humanities Index
BHULSA : Banaras Hindu University Library Science Students Association
BIDS : Bath Information and Data Services
BIOSIS : bioscience Information Service
BIRS : British Institute of Recorded Sound
BIS : The Bureau of Indian Standard
BISA : Bibliographic Information on South-East Asia
BITNET : Because It is Time Network
BL : British Library
BLACMP : Birmingham Library Co-operative Mechanisation Project
BLAISE : British Library Automated Information Service
BLDSC : British Library Document Supply Centre
BLISS : British Library Information Science Service
BLLD : British Library Lending Division
BLRD : British Library Research and Development
BM : British Museum
BNB : British National Bibliography
BPP : Books Presentation Programme
BPS : Bits Per Second
BS : British standard
BSA : Bibliographic Society American
BSI : British Standard Institute
BSO : Broad System of Ordering
BT : British Telecommunications plc
BTEC : Business and Technician Education Council
BTI : British Technology Index
BUBL : Bulletin Board for Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common queries related to the Abbreviations.

Qus.What is the Full Form of BBA ?

Ans.The full form of BBA is the Bachelor of Business Administration

Qus.What is the Full Form of BPSC?

Ans.The full form of BPSC is the Bihar Public Service Commission

Abbreviations start with C

Abbreviation : Full Form
CA : Chemical Abstracts
CAB : Citizens’ Advice Bureaux
CAD : Commission on Archival Development; Computer-Aided Design
CADIST : Centres d’Acquisitions et de Diffusion de l’Information Scientifique et Technique
CAIN : Cataloguing and Indexing
CAL : Computer-Assisted Learning
CALIBER : Convention on Automation of LIBraries in Education and Research Institutions.
CALIBNET : Calcutta Library Network
CAP : Centralised Acquisition of Periodicals
CAPL : Canadian Association of Public Libraries
CAR : Computer Assisted Retrieval
CARDS : Card Automated Reproduction Demand System
CARIS : Current Agricultural Research Information System
CARISPLAN : Caribbean Information System for Economic and Social Planning
CAS : Current Awareness Service
CASSI : Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index
CAT : Computer-Assisted Translation
CB : Citizens’ Band
CBI : Cumulative Book Index
CBS : Columbia Broadcasting System
CC : Colon Classification
CCC : Classified Catalogue Code
CCF : Common Communication Format
CCL : Common Commanded Language
CCT : Compulsory Competitive Tendering
CCTA : Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTV : Closed-Circuit Television
CD : Compact Disc
CDCR : Center for Documentation and Communication Research
CD-I : Compact Disc – Interactive
CDP : Custom Developed Programme
CD-R : Compact Disc – Recordable
CD- ROM : Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CDS/ISIS : Computerised Documentation System/ integrated Sets of Information System
CEAN : Central Electricity Authority Network
CEC : Commission of the European Communities
CEIS : Caribbean Energy Information System
CENID : National Centre for Information and Documentation (Chile)
CERN : European Centre for Nuclear Research
CESSDA : Committee of European Social Science Data Archives
CFTRI : Central Food Technological Research Institute
CHI : Computer–Human Interaction
CI : Citation Index
CIA : Central Intelligence Agency
CIC : Coconut Information Center
CICI : Confederation of Information Communication Industries
CIL : Central Institute of Indian Language
CILIP : Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
CIP : Cataloguing in Publication
CIRDAP : Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
CISTI : Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CITED : Copyright in Transferred Electronic Data
CITRA : Confe´rence Internationale de Table Ronde des Archives [International Conference of the Round Table on Archives]
CIX : Commercial Internet Exchange
CLA : Canada Library Association
CLENE : Continuing Library Education Network and Exchanged
CLR : Council on Library Resources
CLRI : Central Leather Institute
CLSCP : Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloguing Programme
CMS : Content Management System.
CMTI : Central Machine Tool Institute
COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language
CODATA : Committee on data for science and Technology
COM : Computer Output Microfilm
COMLA : Commonwealth Library Association
COMPENDEX : Computerised Engineering Index
COPICAT : Copyright Ownership Protection in Computer-Assisted Twinning
CORMOSEA : Committee on Deposit Material on Southeast Asia
CONSAL : Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians
COPSAT : Current Online Patent in Science and Technology
COUNTER : Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources
CPD : Continuing Professional Development
CPI : Canadian Periodical Index
CPM : Critical Path Method
CPU : Central Processing Unit
CRG : Classification Research Group
CRLIS : Current Research in Library and Information Science
CRS : Computerized Reservation Systems
CSCW : Computer-Supported Co-operative Work
CSIR : Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
CSMA : Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD : Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNET : Computer Science Network
CSIRO : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CTI : Current Technology Index
CU : Control Unit
CURL : Consortium of University Research Libraries

Abbreviations start with D

Abbreviation : Full Form
DAE : Department of Atomic Energy
DARE : Department of Agricultural Research and Education
DARPNET : Defence Advanced Research Project Network
DAT : Digital Audio Tape
DBA : Documentation, Library and Archives Department of UNESCO
DBMS : Database Management System
DBS : Direct Broadcasting by Satellite
DBT : Department of Biotechnology
DC : Dictionary Catalogue
DCC : Digital Compact Cassette
DCE : Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCMI : Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
DDC : Dewey Decimal Classification
DDS : Document Delivery Service
DELNET : Delhi Library Network
DES : Data Encryption Standard
DESIDOC : Defence Scientific Information and Documentation center
DEVINSA : Development Information Network on South Asia
DEVSIS : Development Science Information System
DIN : Document Identification Number
DIN : Document Identification Number
DIP : Document Image Processing
DIS : Development Information System
DLA : Delhi Library Association
DLF : Digital Library Federation.
DMAIC : Define, Measure, Access, Improve and Control.
DMP : Dot Matrix Printer
DNB : Dictionary of National Biography
DNES : Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
DNS : Domain Naming System.
DOD : Department of Ocean Development
DOS : Disc Operating System
DRDO : Defence Research and Development Organisation
DRTC : Documentation Research and Training Center
DSIR : Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
DSP : Digital Signal Processor
DSS : Decision Support Systems
DST : Department of Science and Technology
DTE : Data Terminal Equipment
DTI : Department of Trade and Industry
DTP : Desk Top Publishing

Abbreviations start with E

Abbreviation : Full Form
EAGLE : European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation
EBLIDA : European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
EC : Expansive Classification
ECHO : European Commission Host Organization
EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
EDSAC : Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
EGA : Extended Graphic Adopter
EIIA : European Information Industry Association
EIRENE : European Information Researchers Network
ELBS : Educational Low-priced Books Scheme
ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integration and Calculator
ENVIS : Environment Information System
EPIDOS : European Patent Information and Documentation Systems
EPLA : East Pakistan Library Association
EPO : European Patent Office
EPROM : Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ERIC : Educational Resource Information Center
ERNET : Education and Research Network
EROMM : European Register of Microform Masters
ES : Expert Systems
ESAIRS : European Space Agency Information Retrieval Service
ESPRIT : European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technologies
ESRC : Economic and Social Research Council
ESTC : Eighteenth-century Short-Title Catalogue
ESTC-NA : Eighteenth-century Short-Title Catalogue North America
ETC : European Translation Center
ETS : European Telecommunications Standards
EU : European Union
EUCLID : European Conference of Library and Information Departments
EUNET : European Network
EUSIDIC : European Association of Information Services

Abbreviations start with F

Abbreviation : Full Form
FAIS : Foreign Affairs Information System
FBI : Federal Bureau of Investigation
FDDI : Fibre Distributed Data Interface
FIAC : Federation of Independent Advice Centres
FID : International Federation for Information and Documentation
FIDA : International Archival Development Fund
FILA : Federation of Indian Library Association
FLA : Fellow of the Library Association
FOI : Freedom of Information
FOIA : Freedom of Information Act
FORTRAN : Formula Translator
FSU : Former Soviet Union
FT : Formula Translator
FTE : Full-Time Equivalent
FTP : File Transfer Protocol

Abbreviations start with G

Abbreviation : Full Form
GATT : General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Gb : Gigabyte
GCI : Getty Conservation Institute
GCS : Global Cataloguing Service
GD : Geographical Device
GDP : Gross Domestic Product
GDSS : Group Decision Support Systems
GILS : Government Information Locator Service
GIS : Geographic Information System
GOC : Good Office Committee
GUI : Graphical User Interface
GUIDE : Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation

Abbreviations start with H

Abbreviation : Full Form
HCI : Human–Computer Interaction
HDTV : High Definition Television
HEA : Higher Education Act
HELLIS : Health Literature Library and Information Service
HF : Human Factors
HMSO : Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
HRD : Human Resource Development
HRM : Human Resource Management
HRP : Human Resource Planning
HSE : Human Resource Planning
HTML : HyperText Mark-up Language

Abbreviations start with I

Abbreviation : Full Form
IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency
IALL : International Association of Low Libraries
IAMIC : International Association of Music Information Centres
IAML : International Association of Music Libraries
IARIL : International Association of Rural and Isolated Libraries
IAS : Individual Article Supply
IASA : International Association of Sound Archives
IASLIC : Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Center
IASSIST : International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology
IATUL : IInternational Association of Technological University Libraries
IBB : International Business Machine
IBBY : International Board on Books for Young People
IBI : Intergovernmental Bureau of Information
IBICT : Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology
IBM : International Business Machine
ICA : Information Center for Aeronautics
ICAR : Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICCR : Indian Council of Cultural Relation
ICDM : Information Center for Development Policy Modeling
ICDR : International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research
ICHR : Indian Council of Historical Research
ICMR : Indian Council of Medical Research (New Delhi)
ICPR : Indian Council of Philosophical Research
ICs : Integrated Circuits
ICSSR : Indian Council for Social Science Research
ICSU : International Council of Scientific Unions
ID : Identification
IDA : Integrated Digital Access
IDC : International Documentation Centre
IDRC : International Development Research Centre
IDSA : Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis
IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IFD : International Federation for Documentation
IFDO : International Federation of Data Organizations
IFIS : International Food Information Service
IFLA : International Federation of Library association and Institution
IHAC : Information Highway Advisory Council
IIB : International Institute of Bibliography; Institut International de Bibliographie (Now FID)
IIC : International Institute for the Conservation of Art and Historic Artefacts
IIC-GC : International Institute for Conservation – Canadian Group
IIR : Intelligent Information Retrieval
IIS : Institute of Information Scientists
IK : Indigenous Knowledge
ILA : Indian Library Association
ILL : Inter Library Loan
ILSA : Indian Library Science Abstract
IM : Information Management
INB : Indian National Bibliography
INFLIBNET : Information & Library Network
INFOTERRA : International Referral System for environmental Information
INIS : International Nuclear Information System
INIST : Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique
INPADOC : International Patent Documentation Service
INSAT : Indian National Satellite
INSDOC : Indian National Scientific Documentation Center
IPA : International Publishers Association
IPC : Institute for Paper Conservation
IR : Information Retrieval
IRC : Internet Relay Chat
IRM : Information Resource(s) Management
IRPTC : International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals
IRS : Information Retrieval System
IRTC : Industrial Toxicology Research Center
IS : Information Superhighway
ISA : Indian Standardization Association
ISBD : International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISBN : International Standard Book Number
ISDN : Integrated Service Digital Network
ISDS : International Serials Data System
ISA : Indian Standard Institution
ISI : Institute for Scientific Information
ISMN : International Standard Music Number
ISO : International Standard Organization
ISONET : International Organization for Standardization Network
ISRN : International Standard Recording Number
ISRO : Indian Space Research Organization
ISSN : International Standard Serial Number
IT : Information Technology
ITC : International Translations Centre
ITIB : Industrial and Technological Information Bank
ITU : International Telecommunications Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common queries related to the Abbreviations.

Qus.What is the Full Form of IAS?

Ans.The full form of IAS is the Indian Administrative Services

Abbreviations start with J

Abbreviation : Full Form
JANET : Joint Academy Network
JASIST : Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
JELIS : Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
JLA : Japan Library Association
JPRS : Joint Publications Research Service
JSC : Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR

Abbreviations start with K

Abbreviation : Full Form
Kb : Kilobyte
KBMT : Knowledge-Based Machine Translation
KGB : Knowledge Generation exchange and Utilization
KGEU : Knowledge Generation exchange and Utilization
KIPS : Knowledge Information Processing System
KLA : Korean Library Association
KWAC : KeyWord and Contex
KWIC : Key Word in Context
KWIC : Key Word in Context
KWOC : Key Word in Context

Abbreviations start with L

Abbreviation : Full Form
LA : Library Association
LA (UK) : The Library Association of the United Kingdom
LAA : Library Association of Australia
LAB : Library Association of Bangladesh
LAC : Library Association of China
LAN : Local Area Network
LAP-B : Link Access Procedure – Balanced Protocol
LAPL : Library Association Publishing Limited
LASER : London and Southeast Regional Library Bureau
LAUK : Library Association of the United Kingdom; now the Library Association
LC : Library of Congress
LCC : Library of Congress Classification
LCCDG : Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group
LCMARC : Library of Congress Machine-Readable Cataloging
LCSH : Library of Congress Subject Headings
LED : Light-Emitting Diode
LIBRIS : Library and Information System
LINC : Library and Information Co-operation Council
LIP : Library and Information Plan
LIS : Library and Information Science
LISA : Library and Information Science Abstract
LISC : Library and Information Science
LIST : Library and Information Science Today
LITA : Library and Information technology Association
LIU : Local Information Unit
LLA : Local Information Unit
LLC : Logical Link Control
LML : Logical Link Control
LOCAS : Local catalogue Service
LOCIS : Library of Congress Information System
LOEX : Library Orientation Instruction Exchange
LP : Long-Playing Record
LSA : Library science Abstract
LSI : Large Scale Integration
LUCI : Logical Unit based Cyclic Index

Abbreviations start with M

Abbreviation : Full Form
MA : Master of Arts
MA : Museums Association
MAD2 : Manual of Archival Description, 2nd edn (UK)
MADAM : Manchester Automatic Digital Machine
MALA : Madras Library Association
MALMARC : Malaysian MARC
MAMLIBNET : Madras Library Network
MAN : Metropolitan Area Network
MAP : Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MARBI : Machine Readable form of Bibliographic Information
MARC : Machine Readable catalogue
MAT : Machine-Aided Translation
Mb : Megabyte
MBO : Management by Objective
MDA : Museums Documentation Association
MEDLARS : Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
MERLIN : Machine Readable Library information (UK)
MeSH : Medical Subject Headings
MHz : Megahertz
MI : InfSci Member, Institute of Information Scienists
MICR : Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
MIDI : Musical Instrument Device Interface
MIDLINET : Midwest Region Library Network
MILNET : Military Network
MIMOS : Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems
MIP : Modern Information Professional
MIS : Management Information System
MISS : Medical Information Science Section (USA)
MIT : Management Information System
MLA : Medical Library Association (USA)
MLS : Master of Library Science/Studies
MOL : Mail Order Library
MMI : Man–Machine Interaction
MMS : Man–Machine Systems
MOS : Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MPC : Multimedia Personal Computers
MPhil : Master of Philosophy
MPM : Multimedia Presentation Manager
MS : Manuscript
MS-DOS : Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSI : Medium Scale Integration
MSS : Management Support System
MT : Machine Translation
MUSE : Music Search
MWSS : Microsoft Windows Sound System

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common queries related to the Abbreviations.

Qus.What is the Full Form of MBBS?

Ans.The full form of MBBS is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Qus.What is the Full Form of MB?

Ans.The full form of MB is the MegaByte

Abbreviations start with N

Abbreviation : Full Form
NACAB : National Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaux
NACILA : National Council of Indian Library Association
NACL : National Advisory Commission on Libraries (USA)
NACO : National Coordinated Cataloguing Operations
NACSIS : National Centre for Scientific Information Systems
NAG : National Acquisitions Group
NAI : National Archives of India
NAL : National Aeronautical Laboratory
NAL : National Agricultural Library (USA)
NAPC : National Programme for Acquisition and Cataloguing
NARA : National Archives and Records Administration
NASA : National Aeronautical and Space Administration
NASSDOC : National Social Science Documentation Center
NATIS : National Information System
NBC : National Broadcasting Corporation
NBLC : Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lektuur Centrum [Dutch Centre for Public Library Literature]
NBS : National Bibliographic Service
NBT : National Book Trust
NCCP : National Coordinated Cataloguing Programme
NCIP : North American Collection Inventory Project
NCL : National Central Library
NCL : National Chemical Laboratory
NCSI : National Centre for Science Information
NDLP : Netherlands Library Development Project
NEPHIS : Nested Phrase Indexing System
NGO : Non-Governmental Organization
NHS : National Health Service
NIC : National Informatics Center
NICDAP : National Information Centre for Drug and Pharmaceuticals
NICFOS : National Information Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Technology
NICLAI : National Information Centre for Leather and Allied Industry
NICMAP : National Information Centre for Machine Tools and Allied Products
NICNET : National Informatic Centre Network
NIDOC : National Information and Documentation Centre
NIFOR : National Information Service
NII : National Institute of Immunology
NILA : North India Library Association
NIP : National Information Policy
NISIET : National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training
NISO : National Information Standards Organization
NISS : National Social Science Information System
NISSAT : National Information System for Science and Technology
NLB : National Library for the Blind
NLB : National Library of Bangladesh
NLG : National Libraries Group
NLLST : National Lending Library for Science and Technology
NLM : National Library of Medicine
NLSFBPH : National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NML : National Medical Library
NNLM : National Network for Libraries in Medicine
NORDBOK : Nordic Literature and Library Committee
NORDINFO : Nordic Committee on Scientific Information and Documentation
NOSP : Nordic Union Catalogue of Scientific Periodicals
NREN : National Research and Education Network
NSA : National Sound Archive
NSDD : National Security Decision Directive
NSF : National Science Foundation
NSTP : New Straits Times Publications
NTA : National Telecommunications Agency
NTC : National Translation Centre
NTE : Network Terminating Equipment
NTIA : National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTIS : National Technical Information Service
NUC : National Union Catalog
NUCMC : National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
NUCSSI : National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India
NVQ : National Vocational Qualification
NWICO : New World Information and Communication Order
NYSILL : New York State Inter Library Loan Network
NYT : New York Times

Abbreviations start with O

Abbreviation : Full Form
OCLC : The On-lien Computer Library Centre
OCLC : Ohio College Library Centre
OCR : Optical Character Recognition
ODA : Open Document Architecture
OECD : Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OED : Oxford English Dictionary
OLAS : On-line Acquisition System
OLE : Object Linking and Embedding
OMB : One-Man Band
OMG : Object Management Group
OOS : Occupational Overuse Syndrome
OPAC : On-line Public access Catalogue
OPACS : Online Public-Access Catalogues
OPL : One-Person Libraries
OR : Operation Research
OSB : Order of St Benedict
OSI : Open System Interconnection
OSS : Office of Strategic Studies

Abbreviations start with P

Abbreviation : Full Form
PAC : Preservation and Conservation Core Programme (IFLA)
PAD : Packet Assembly/Disassembly Device
PANSDOC : Pakistan National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre
PARC : Palo Alto Research Center
PASTIC : Pakistan Scientific and Technical Information Centre
PBWG : Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group
PC : Personal Computer
PDNs : Public Data Networks
PERT : Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
PGP : Pretty Good Privacy
PhD : Doctor of Philosophy
PIIC : Public Interest Immunity Certificate
PIN : Personal Identification Number
PINFET : PIN Field Effect Transistors
PIS : Patents Information System
PLA : Pakistan Library Association
PLR : Public Lending Right
PNB : Pakistan National Bibliography
POPIN : Population Information Network
POPSI : Postulate Based Permutated subject Indexing
POSDCORB : Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Co- ordinating Reporting and Budgeting
POTS : Plain Old Telephone System
PPBS : Planning Programming Budgeting System
PPP : Point to Point Protocol
PPRG : Publicity and Public Relations Group
PRECIS : Preserved context Indexing System
PRO : Public Records Office
PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory
PSS : Packet Switching System
PST : Permutes Subject Index
PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network
PTLA : Publishers Trade List Annual
PTT : Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones
PULINET : Provincial University Library Network

Abbreviations start with Q

Abbreviation : Full Form
QA : Quality Assurance

Abbreviations start with R

Abbreviation : Full Form
R&D : Research and Development
RAD : Rules for Archival Description (Canada)
RAILNET : Computer Network for Railways
RAM : Random access Memory
RAMP : Records and Archives Management Programme
RATER : Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness
RBU : Re´pertoire Bibliographique Universel
RCRC : Rural Community Resource Centre
RDC : Rules for Dictionary Catalogue
RENBU : National Network of University Libraries (Argentina)
RGA : Readers’ Guide Abstracts
RIC : Regional Information Centre
RIPM : Re´pertoire Internationale de la Presse Musicale
RISM : Re´pertoire Internationale des Sources Musicales
RLG : Research Libraries Group
RLIN : Research Library Information Network
RLS : Regional Library System
RMDC : Regional Mineral Resource Development Centre
RMS : Records Management Society
RNIB : Royal National Institute for the Blind
ROM : Read Only Memory
RRRLF : Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation
RSI : Repetitive Strain Injury
RT : Related Terms

Abbreviations start with S

Abbreviation : Full Form
SAA : Systems Applications Architecture
SAM : Serial Access Memory
SAMARC : South African Machine Readable Cataloguing
SARBICA : Southeast Asian Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives
SBDN : Satellite Based Data Network
SC : Subject Classification
SCECSAL : Standing Conference of East, Central and Southern African Librarians
SCI : Science Citation Index
SCONUL : Standing Conference of National and University Libraries
SDC : System Development Corporation
SDI : Selective Dissemination of Information
SEAMIC : South – East Asian Medical Information Centre
SENDOC : Small Enterprise National documentation Centre
SGML : Standard Generalized Mark-up Language
SHE : Subject Heading for Engineering
SIG : Special Interest Group
SIG : Special Interest Group
SIGLE : System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe
SILAS : Singapore Library Automation System SINASBI National System of Library Information
SISA : School of Information Studies for Africa
SIRNET : Scientific and Industrial Research Network
SL : Source Language
SLA : Special Libraries Association
SLB : Section of Libraries for the Blind
SLIP : Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMEs : Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
SNA : System Network Architecture
SNB : Singapore National Bibliography
SONET : Synchronous Optical Network
SPC : Stored Programme Control
SPIN : Special Interest Network
SPSS : Statistical Package for Social Science
SQL : Structured Query Language
SSDC : Social Science Documentation Centre
STC : Short Title Catalogue
STM : Scientific, Technical and Medical (book publishing)
STS : Science, Technology and Society
STSI : Science Technology and Social Information
STUDIO : Structured User Interface Design for Interaction Optimization
STV : Share the Vision
SWALCAP : South – West Academic Libraries Co-operative Automation Project
SWIFT : Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications

Abbreviations start with T

Abbreviation : Full Form
TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDF : Transborder Data Flow
TDNs : Terrestrial Data Networks
TELEX : Tele-printer Exchange
TFPL : Task Force Pro Libra
TIB : Technology Information Bank
TIFR : Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
TIPS : Technology Information Pilot System
TIS : Trade Information Service
LA : Target Language
TLA : Tripura Library Association
TLTP : Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
TNAUK : Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom
TOP : Technical and Office Centre
TQM : Total Quality Management
TRC : Technology Research Center
TREC : Text Retrieval Evaluation Conference
TRIPS : Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TTL : Transistor – Transistor Logic
TV : Television

Abbreviations start with U

Abbreviation : Full Form
UAI : Universal Availability of Information
UAP : Universal Availability of Publications Programme (IFLA)
UBC : Universal Bibliographic Control
UBCIM : Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC
UCL : University College London
UDC : Universal Decimal classification
UE : User Education
UGC : University Grant Commission
UIA : Union of International Associations
UIMS : User Interface Management System
UIN : User Identification Number
UKMARC : United Kingdom Machine-Readable Cataloguing
UMIST : University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
UNESCO : United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNIMARC : Universal Machine-Readable Cataloguing
UNISIST : United Nations Information System in Science and Technology
UNIVAC : Universal Automatic Computer
URL : Uniform Resource Locator
USSR : Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UTLAS : University of Toronto Library Automation System
UWI : University of the West Indies

Abbreviations start with V

Abbreviation : Full Form
VAN : Value-Added Network
VAT : Value-Added Tax (EU countries)
VDT : Visual Display Terminal
VDU : Visual Display Unit
VGA : Video Graphic Adopter
VLSI : Very Large Scale Integration
VMS : Voice Mail Systems
VOD : Video On Demand
VR : Virtual Reality
VRAM : Video Random Access Memory

Abbreviations start with W

Abbreviation : Full Form
WADEX : Word and Author Index
WAIS : Wide-Area Information Server
WAN : Wide Area Network
WAPIS : Water and Power Information System
WARC : World Administrative Radio Conference
WHO : World Health Organization
WIMPS : Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pull-down menus
WIPO : World Intellectual Property Organization
WLN : Western Library Network
WLSP : World List of Scientific Periodicals
WORM : Write Once Read and many
WP : Word Processing
WPI : World Talents Index
WTI : World Translation Index
WWW : World Wide Web
WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get

Abbreviations start with X

Abbreviation : Full Form
... : ....

Abbreviations start with Y

Abbreviation : Full Form
YAS : Young Adult Service

Abbreviations start with Z

Abbreviation : Full Form
ZBB : Zero Base Budgeting